Need those old sights replaced?

Looking to replaced that worn barrel?

SV Precision, we are able to give you that new barrel or sights needed to get back out there and apply that lead down range..

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Gun Smithing

Precision is the goal of SV Precision. We specialize in building custom rifles. We also offer a large array of gunsmithing services. Let us be your #1 stop when it comes to gunsmithing services!

We ask that all customers, email us with their questions and concerns at info@

At SV Precision, we will provide a invoice upfront to our customers, if we exceed the timeframe in our quote there will be no additional charges to our customers. This is another one of our services, not going back and making changes to services after a quote has been given!

We believe the sky is limit when it comes to customizing your rifles. We want to give our customers full satisfaction in everything we do. With that, if there is something we are unable to provide we will let you know upfront. Integrity is what we pride ourselves in, keeping our customers in the loop at all times. We have a huge range of abilities, contact us today!



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