The SV-16 “Wylde” Upper is for shooters in any environment whether training, instructing or working. The SV-16 upper is a shooters tactical precision rifle component built for Durability, Recoil Mitigation, Accuracy and Consistency with all aspects being accomplished without one being over another.

The SV-18 “Wylde” Upper is a Competitive/3 Gun shooter's dream, whether one is getting into or upgrading. This upper is a all around solid solution for hunting and/or competitive shooting.

The SV-20 “Wylde” Upper is the precision rifle upper built for Accuracy, Reliability and Durability all are achieved in our system without compromise of one over the other. From competitive shooting to hunting this upper will get you the results desired as a precision rifle component.

made in USA

Custom AR Precision Rifles proudly made in Melrose, Florida.