The SV-16 “Wylde” Upper is for shooters in any environment whether training, instructing or working. The SV-16 upper is a shooters tactical precision rifle component built for Durability, Recoil Mitigation, Accuracy and Consistency with all aspects being accomplished without one being over another.

SV-16 Upper is equipped with a Cryogenically treated lightweight BA 16″ 416R SS Wylde barrel for extreme wear, corrosion and accuracy plus extended barrel life beyond measure.

The SV-16 Upper also includes an non-adjustable gas block, SVP Titanium Nitride (TiN) BCG, APA Micro Bastard muzzle brake. We also offer the ability to customize the SV-16 Upper with your choice of barrel, bolt carrier group, handguard and more. To top it off, every SVP Wylde Upper comes with a Handguard Accessory Pack which includes (Magpul M-Lok rail panels and choice of grip/handstop).

Accuracy Guarantee: Every SV-16 Upper is function tested and accuracy tested prior to shipping. Not one, SV-16 Upper is allowed to leave the shop without obtaining at least Sub MOA accuracy at 100 yards with match ammunition. While we guarantee the rifle is capable of Sub MOA accuracy, we can not guarantee the end-user will be able to shoot Sub MOA since we have no control over shooting proficiency, ammunition choice, environmental factors, etc.

* Accuracy testing if performed with a 3 shot magazine fed group of 1/2 inch or under at 100 yards with factory loaded match ammunition.

This price showing is a SV-16 complete upper. However, additional options are available.

  • Starting Price Includes:
  • Receiver: SV Precision Forged 6061 (slick) upper receiver
  • Receiver Finish: Matte black hard coat anodizing on aluminum components
  • Gas System: Direct Impingement with Melonite finish w/ SLR Low Profile Non-Adjustable Gas Block (Options Available)
  • Barrel: BA/SVP Cryo-Treated Wylde 16″ 416R SS w/ 1:8 twist (Options Available)
  • Barrel Finish: Bead Blasted Finish w/ NiB treated M4 Feed Ramp Extension (Options Available)
  • Muzzle Treatment: APA Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake (Options Available)
  • Handguard: SLR Solo Lite 15″ Free Floating M-Lok Rail system with Integrated QD swivel mounts (Options Available)
  • Bolt Carrier Group: SV Precision Titanium Nitride (TiN) BCG (Options Available)
  • Charging Handle: Radian Ambi 556 Raptor (Options Available)

SV-16 Upper


Available on backorder

Barrel *

Note: BA Barrels do not come Cryo-Treated from BA, SV Precision performs this service to each barrel.

Barrel Finish *

For JP Barrels only

Barrel Contour *

For JP Barrels Only

Gas Block *

Gas Blocks are all “Low-Pro”

Gas Block Adjustment Driver *

For SLR “Adjustable” Gas Blocks only

Muzzle Device *

If you do not see what you want contact us to see if we can assist you?

Handguard System *

Handguard Package *

Handguard Package = (6) Magpul M-Lok Rail Panels, choice of (1) Grip from options below

Bolt Carrier Group *

SVP Lightweight Black BCG is not TiN, made from 8620 w/ Black coating.

Charging Handle *

Special instructions

You can enter any special instructions about this product here.

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